Windows Defender not updating definitions on Windows Server 2008 and SBS2011

Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard Edition and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Windows Updates repeatedly fails to install "Definition Update for Windows Defender".
Manually updating definitions through Windows Defender but this fails.
Running "mpcmdrun.exe -RemoveDefinitions -All" and then "mpcmdrun.exe -SignatureUpdate" but this fails with the error "ERROR: Signature Update failed with hr=8050A005".
sfc /scannow finds no errors.

Security Note: SMS Spam what is it?

What is Spam?

Spam can be classed as unsolicited messages, typically from senders who you do not know, but can be a familiar sender who has been compromised by hackers.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is messages that request you contact them by opening a web link, replying or making contact via phone. These senders are after your personal details and pretend to be a legitimate company. They are phishing for personal information that helps identify you, bank account verification etc. Keep in mind that little bits of personal information can build a complete profile about you and WILL be shared within the hacking community.

Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects – Part 3

In Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects Part 2 we established a test application that we want to create an installer package. In this article we will open the test application and add a new set-up installer project. Open our test project TheWorldsGreatest.sln In Solution explorer we need to add a new project to our solution, right click on the solution "Solution 'TheWorldsGreatest' (2 projects" and Add\New project. Select "Setup project" and name the new project "TheWorldsGreatestInstall" Click on the TheWorldsGreatestInstall project where we can edit Read More +

Using ILMerge to merge assemblies

This document describes the ILMerge utility which merges multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly. However, some .NET assemblies may not be able to be merged because they may contain features such as unmanaged code. I would highly recommend using peverify (the .NET Framework SDK tool) on the output of ILMerge to guarantee that the output is verifiable and will load in the .NET runtime. ILMerge is packaged as a console application. But all of its functionality is also accessible programmatically. Note that Visual Studio does allow one to add an executable as a reference, so you can write a client that uses ILMerge as a library.

Obfuscating for .net

When you want to release your .net application to the public as closed source you should note that Microsoft .net applications are easy to decompile and reconstruct once distributed. In this article, I intend to explore various options and explain why we settled on one particular Obfuscator that is open source. We explored a range of commercial and open source obfuscators such as ConfuserEX, ConfuserEX2, DotFuscatorCE, Obfuscar with varying levels of success.