Seagate Expansion Disk – Absolutely bad choice for backups

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Goes to permanent sleep

Seagate Expansion Hard Drive

We recently migrated our servers to Windows Server 2016, while migrations can be lengthy and at times painful, we never expected that a backup drive would consume more time and effort than the total migration effort, but it did...

We have always had a trouble free run with Seagate hard drives, both internal and external and we had three Seagate Expansion Drives that we had not used previously that we intended to utilize for a server backup drive.

All was well during several consecutive test backups, fast and successful. So the USB 3 attached Seagate Expansion drive has an new job.

We scheduled a single daily backup to run after midnight. However, after the first nightly backup we started to have serious issues. The Seagate Expansion drive started to fail when the backup software could not find the drive. A look at disk management proved that the drive was no longer visible to the system. Looking at the drive we could see the blue LED flashing, so we removed and inserted the USB cable, but no joy. Cycling the drives power resolved the issue, but after several hours the drive disappeared again. This we put up with for several days, only getting a successful backup immediately after cycling the power. This appeared to be a case of the drive going to sleep and never waking.




As a backup drive the Seagate Expansion fails

We tried to get our other two Seagate Expansion drives to work reliably and found the same issues. We gave up.

Needing to get backups working immediately, we could not find our original proof of purchase for these drives, so the only option open to us was to extract the hard disk from the case and install it into the server as a internal drive.

After several days, we have had successful backups, so the issue appears to be directly related to the USB interface used by Seagate which puts the drive into sleep mode - forever!

Note: We also tested our Toshiba External drives which did not present this issue, however because they are only 1TB we could not use them for our server backups.

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