Why we moved from ASUS to MSI

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Asus let it's customers down

In 2018 we had issues with all existing Asus motherboards after a Windows 10 update. One of the issues was related to the features of AI Suite version 2. At the time this software was bundled with existing motherboards.

Basically, AI Suite II failed to start due to many errors encountered. Like many ASUS customers we consumed many hours trying to workaround all the issues. We contacted Asus Customer support on several occasions and received a less than satisfactory response which included the statement "ASUS AI Suite 2 is no longer supported and will NOT be fixed".

Now, lets consider this official statement from ASUS, The boards that use this software were still being sold, in fact we had customers with ASUS boards less than a couple of months old. One of the significant features of these boards is the features delivered by AI Suite 2 and Asus have walked away from supporting customers.

We have been both a long term ASUS customer and previously recommended ASUS products, the response from ASUS was simply not good enough, and it certainly did not encourage replacing any product with the ASUS brand.

We decided to discontinue purchases of ASUS products and certainly needed to find an alternative to recommend to people.


We moved to MSI

We decided to review MSI motherboards as an alternative to ASUS and to our delight we found the quality of the boards is good and support superior to what we experienced recently with ASUS Support.

After several months of testing we were extremely pleased with the frequency of firmware and software updates from MSI. Boards that we tested have been stable in both stock and over-clocked modes.

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