Windows 10 1809 RS5 – Still nowhere near ready – But its now released!

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We have all been waiting for the next big operating system release of Windows 10 RS5 1809 since it was released to insiders in October 2018. The initial insiders release was eventually pulled due to lost of data and then rereleased but presented with many more issues\bugs.

We recently installed the (Fixed) build on a virtual machine for testing and did not experience any significant issues however when we tried to upgrade a test machine it failed to install with.

Recent reports suggest that there are many more bugs that simply will not be fixed until 2019, while not far away there is no known release date.

Windows 10 1809 has been released to the public

There are many reports where Windows 10 1809 has either failed to upgrade or resulted in a non-functional operating system.

Realtek Audio broken on Windows 10 1809

In true for of Microsoft - Update 1809 breaks things.

Realtek Audio appears to be installed and no errors reported but fails to product sound.

As usual Windows 10 means that we have to wait for Microsoft because we are their production testers.


After upgrading to Windows 1809 we have noticed that CPU temperatures are higher then previous versions. In one example the previous version of Windows 10 sat around 42 degrees after update to 1809 it frequently sits around 62 degrees.

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