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How is your online security?

Check if your email address or online passwords have been breached.

Visit Have I Been Pawned site rating & as at November 2020

Delivering Enterprise Server Security Protection

Making the internet a safer place for everyone.

MS SQL - MSDB stuck in single user mode Click to view
Alternative Battery for PS4 Dual Shock Controller Since we are having to spend a majority of our day in lock down during Covid-19 we needed to get all our entertainment devices up and running.

Most devices where OK except for our Playstation PS4 Dual Shock Controllers where Sony in their wisdom (not)
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Install LibreOffice on Windows 10 Install steps for LibreOffice on Windows 10 Click to view
SMS Spam and Phishing messages SMS Spam and Phishing messages what can you do? Click to view



WordPress Installation, Development & Support



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Windows Desktop and Server Installation, Development & Support


Microsoft Products Support

Network Security

Security Administration


Computer Hardware Services

Visual Studio Enterprise

Application Development

MS SQL Server

Database Administration
Database Design

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