Alternative Battery for PS4 Dual Shock Controller

Since we are having to spend a majority of our day in lock down during Covid-19 we needed to get all our entertainment devices up and running. Most devices where OK except for our Playstation PS4 Dual Shock Controllers where Sony in their wisdom (not) designed the controller with a non-replaceable li-ion battery. This battery (of course) no longer holds charge. While you can order aftermarket replacement batteries, we are Darwin and stock is non-existent and shipping is slow.

Microsoft Office to LibreOffice

For years now we have enjoyed Microsoft Office as the go to suite of applications for all our documentation, presentation and email needs, Microsoft did a great job in addressing those requirements for business, home and student users. Over recent years Microsoft has been aggressively trying to convert the all three users types to Office 365 subscriptions which may suit only a subset of those users and raises the cost of these applications for some that simply can't keep adding costs when previously they simply paid a one time fee or they simply don't choose the cloud for daily use applications. Buying Microsoft Office outright is becoming difficult to obtain this installable one time fee version and we expect this to not longer be an option in the near future.

Windows 7 – 10 Offline files fail to sync

Often Windows has problems that are just difficult to diagnose and resolve and for resent Windows versions there are fewer public knowledge base articles to help. In this post we had an issue where offline files started to cause sync to fail. As it turned out the client computer (Windows 10) was trying to sync files of a User than no longer existed on the domain. Rather than consume our time on trying to diagnose and do the work that Microsoft should be doing we Read More +