TechnicaOne Security Sentry

TechnicaOne Security Sentry

Our web sites and servers are protected by our proprietary security system that works within Microsoft Internet Information Server for both and PHP based web sites.

TechniciaOne Security Sentry is designed to detect sophisticated threats and mitigate those threats instantly to protect server assets.

TechnicaOne Security Sentry is part of commitment to protecting your privacy, our services and our server, TSS has been protecting our server since 2004 and is now at version 4.0 in 2019.


Accept\Deny by GeoLocations

Accept\Deny by ASN

Accept\Deny by Country


Hourly Visitor Reports

WhoIs Lookup

City Location

Location Map


Windows Server

Internet Information Server


IPV4 - (IPV6 in development)


What is TechnicaOne Security Sentry

We built TechnicaOne Security Sentry in 2004 to protect our web sites from specific attacks that we were alerted to. Some of these attacks were from known sources, however we wanted to identify new attack sources and quickly take measures to reduce risk. We also wanted to add an addition level of security to protect our customers. Security Sentry has grown over the years to include GeoLocation blocking, ASN Blocking, Country Blocking and reporting. TechnicaOne Security Sentry originally focused on ASP.Net web sites running within Microsoft Internet Information Server, however in 2018 we included compatibility for PHP sites running within Internet Information Server. TechnicaOne Security Sentry uses some sophisticated features that have no noticeable impact to your web server or web sites performance.

Reporting – We found that services like Google Analytics do not report all visitors, bots, search engines and others just don’t appear, as a result we did not have a true picture of traffic to our web applications, Using TechnicaOne Security Sentry we see every visit and can identify problem traffic and take appropriate actions.

Our security solution is easy to implement with no direct changes to the web site targeted for protection.


  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
  • MS SQL Server
  • Internet Information Server
  • PHP for PHP web applications


Proudly designed and built in Australia

by TechnicaOne Business Solutions