Freeview Plus suddenly stopped working on your SmartTV?

Freeview Plus stopped working?

FreeView AustraliaWe like many Australians started reporting the FreeView Australia that FreeView Plus suddenly stopped working. Pressing the green button displayed “Loading…” then returned back to the current channel.

Several people had told us that they contacted Freeview Australia but they never responded over the last 14 days, so don’t expect any level of support from this inactive organisation.


The issue appears to be poor rollout of software changes…

We suspected that the issue is caused by bad upgrade programming when we found a solution.

FreeView Plus appears to be browser based. So we started exploring various settings on Panasonic Viera Smart TV, which incidentally Panasonic have never updated its obsolete software or delivered any security patches in many years.

What we found in settings was the ability to delete All Browser Cookies, which we did and after several seconds FreeView Plus started with an introduction to FreeView Plus.

Therefore this confirmed a classic case of poor upgrade to migrate from one version to another, a pity FreeView Australia did not announce these changes.

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