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Windows 10 1809 RS5 – Still nowhere near ready – But its now released!

We have all been waiting for the next big operating system release of Windows 10 RS5 1809 since it was released to insiders in October 2018. The initial insiders release was eventually pulled due to lost of data and then rereleased but presented with many more issues\bugs. We recently installed the (Fixed) build on a virtual machine for testing and did not experience any significant issues however when we tried to upgrade a test machine it failed to install with. Recent reports suggest that there are many more bugs that simply will not be fixed until 2019, while not far away there is no known release date.

Visual Studio App Deploy Error: DEP0700: Registration of the app failed. [0x80073CFB]

Severity Code Description Project Path File Line Suppression State Error DEP0700: Registration of the app failed. [0x80073CFB] Another user has already installed an unpackaged version of this app. The current user cannot replace this with a packaged version. The conflicting package is 88D96A69-2E7E-4358-A75D-97B980372496 and it was published by CN=[USERNAME]. [APPNAME]

Slowly migrating away from dependance on Microsoft Products

For many decades we have been strictly Microsoft evangelist (where Microsoft had solutions that matched requirements), We became particularly excited when Microsoft announced Windows 10 mobile and Nokia designed mobile devices. Mobile we saw as a positive direction to encompass all our server and desktop efforts with mobile support. We put three years development effort into this direction and Microsoft continued to make positive statements and promised features that gave us confidence to expense time and effort. Customers started purchasing Microsoft phones. The almost overnight, suppliers did not have stock and Microsoft started to drop support for models that where under 12 months old and finally they announced that they have stopped all mobile development.

MemoryCache to optimize database lookups.

Using MemoryCache in VB.Net In this example performance is increased by putting the object into cache (which happens to be a row of data from a database), if that data is not accessed within a sliding expiration time (in this example 1 minute) it will be removed from the memory cache and if accessed later will re fetch from the database and once again place it in the cache.

Disk Defragmentation: Do you need a third party product?

For many years now we have kept a third party disk defragment tool in our tool kit, the product was UltraDefrag. We started with version 6 in the days when Microsoft's built-in defrag did a pretty poor job and using the free version of UltraDefrag delivered a noticeable performance boost. Begin a free tool we could install it temporarily on clients computers when being serviced and recommend the product to customers. Many of our customers reported that they installed UltraDefrag and made a donation to the author.

Seagate Expansion Disk – Absolutely bad choice for backups

We have always had a trouble free run with Seagate hard drives, both internal and external and we had three Seagate Expansion Drives that we had not used previously that we intended to utilize for a server backup drive. All was well during several consecutive test backups, fast and successful. So the USB 3 attached Seagate Expansion drive has an new job. We scheduled a single daily backup to run after midnight. However, after the first nightly backup we started to have serious issues. The Seagate Expansion drive started to fail when the backup software could not find the drive. A look at disk management proved that the drive was no longer visible to the system. Looking at the drive we could see the blue LED flashing, so we removed and inserted the USB cable, but no joy. Cycling the drives power resolved the issue, but after several hours the drive disappeared again. This we put up with for several days, only getting a successful backup immediately after cycling the power. This appeared to be a case of the drive going to sleep and never waking.