System Admins will tell you to avoid OVH SAS Hosting

If you are looking for a hosting provider for you valuable business sites and data then ask a system administrator first.

System Administrators gain a huge level of knowledge about mis-behaving hosts around the World, one such host that has been top of the list is OVH SAS which has servers based in a number of countries such as France, Canada and Australia. This hosting provider is notorious for turning a blind eye to hacking activity on their servers and significant disruption to legitimate servers around the World including serious DDOS attacks. If you ask a System Administrator then OVH will more than likely be mentioned first.

once you know the disruptions caused by OVH servers you need to question trust, as a home of hackers then would you really want your business on any of their servers?

Will you achieve the target audience on a network that has a bad reputation for hacking? Many server\system administrators block access to OVH servers both inbound and outbound for security reasons.

If a System Administrator is frustrated with a hosting provider then you will be too.


Do your research before choosing a hosting provider.

OVH SAS has a bad reputation that will only be improved once they remove hacking and DDoS activity from their networks and servers, being a bad internet member is not a reputation that is desired by legitimate enterprises.


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