Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects – Part 2


In Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects – Part 1 we prepared Visual Studio 2017 for creating installer projects, In this article we are creating a simple application to use as our test application that we want to build an installer.

The test application consists of two outputs:

  1. TheWorldsGreatest.exe
  2. MyCommonLibrary.dll


Visual Studio Solution

Example App: TheWorldsGreatest.exe

This test application uses reflection to obtain the version and description of the MyCommonLibrary.dll, we have deliberately included the use of reflection because issues may exist if we later obfuscate the assemblies and we can look at what obfuscation settings help resolve any issues encountered at runtime.

We have attached the source code for this very simple Windows forms application so that you can walk through this example.

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