MSI: Screen turns yellowish when notepad opens


When you open notepad or an office application the whole screen changes to have a yellowish tint. When you close notepad or an office application the screen returns to normal.

This was our experience with a new system build using the MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard and the cause eluded us for several hours.


This issue is caused by MSI, users who experience this issue will have the MSI X Boost application installed and have set the mode to “Office”

For some absolutely bizarre reason MSI have included this redundant feature in the X Boost application which is absolutely annoying and serves not purpose other than to aggravate the user.

Does MSI know that Windows 10 has a built-in night mode feature that serves this purpose and give the user the control over using the feature or not.

Now, the Office mode is quite a good optimised mode which has been damaged by this feature. i.e. can’t use this mode because we don’t enjoy a yellow screen. MSI should remove the impacts to the users screen.


There are two solutions:

1. Uninstall the MSI X Boost application – not really a good solution because X Boost works well.

2. Use any mode other the “Office”

MSI – please change this function to either allow the user to turn off the yellow my screen feature or simply remove it.

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