Install LibreOffice on Windows 10

Easy guide to install LibreOffice as a replacement for Microsoft Office

Are you are looking for a free compatible alternative to Microsoft Office? LibreOffice is a great option that maintains a high level of compatibility and a reasonably low learning curve when moving from the Microsoft Office applications.

What's in the LibreOffice box?

LibreOffice Writer – Document

LibreOffice Calc – Spreadsheet

LibreOffice Draw – Drawing

LibreOffice Math – Formula

LibreOffice Impress – Presentation

LibreOffice Base – Database

Download LibreOffice


Fig 1: Select Next to start installation of LibreOffice

Fig 2: Select Typical to install default options or custom to modify installation.

Fig 3: Make desired changes or click next to continue.

Fig 4: Click all checkboxes for replacing Microsoft Office (recommended).

Fig 5: Click next to continue.

Fig 6: Installation Complete

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