Windows 10 – Remove Orphaned Start Menu Item

As a result of Windows 1903 update many users found an orphaned menu item that did nothing

In true Microsoft fashion bugs appear in Windows 10 that rarely get resolved, this one related to the orphaned menu item on the start menu:


Removing this is a two step process.

Step 1:

Open PowerShell as administrator

Copy and paste the following into the PowerShell window.

Get-AppxPackage -all *HolographicFirstRun* | Remove-AppPackage -AllUsers

Press Enter

Reboot your computer

Step 2:

Open Task Manger

Click on the details tab and locate StartMenuExperienceHost.exe

Right click and click End Task

Then locate explorer.exe and end task

Click on task manager menu File -> Run

copy and paste the following:


In the file explorer delete the TempState Directory

Then in Task manager run explorer.exe

Now orphaned menu item should be removed.


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